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Bmak Mazuki has praised H-Mac

Bmak took to his Facebook page and wrote:


H-mac will go down in the History of Zambian Music entertainment industry as one of if not the Greatest Artist/Label/Music Manager. I’ll tell you why.

Beginning with his come up journey, Coming from being the runner ( guy that would run around dropping CDs off at Nightclubs and the streets) to Managing Artists then Managing Labels,and moving on To owning a record Label (self taught at that) is a journey worth of admiration and Praise. That kind of journey builds character,and most of all builds a solid foundation. You can’t learn that in a classroom, and the experience that is picked up from that is priceless, it can not be duplicated.

But for me,what I respect the most is how H has taken on the non-conventional artists. Most Music Managers don’t experiment,they manage artists that make music that has already been accepted out there and is easy to Market. There is hardly a risk in that and succeeding doing that doesn’t have the Wow factor because you are basically giving people what they are used to and expecting.

Let’s also talk of the effort it takes to groom young artists,give them confidence in their craft,grow their brand as well as sharpen their skills is also not something you see people do often, as most managers prefer to manage a finished product that is ready for the market.

Talk of Koby and Mak. Like why would someone risk pushing such artists to Mainstream when it’s been perceived that rappers using the English language in their music will never make an impact in our industry? and yet as much as we haven’t hit the pinnacle, it can not be denied that we are definitely in the conversation and relevant. Most artists that started off like us have had to end up switching their style to suit the accepted standard.

These kind of moves are Culture Changing. Maybe it’s just me but I am beginning to see a lot of already established artists beginning to change their sound to adopt to this wave that seems eminent at this point. Anyways,this is just an appreciation Post to My young Bro Dj H-Mac. Let’s learn to recognize people that have shaped the face of our music industry. Financial success doesn’t always translate to Greatness.. The influence and impact on the industry carries a lot of weight.