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Blaqbonez and Ludacris drop new video ‘Cinderella Girl (Where You Dey)’

In his usual fashion, Blaqbonez weaves a lyrical tapestry that paints his love interest as a mesmerizing “Cinderella Girl,” whose presence is as enchanting as a fairy tale.


He compares her ability to fulfill his emotional and sexual needs to a masterful chef, skillfully serving up a feast for his desires. Blaqbonez’s message of “SEX OVER LOVE” is like a bold declaration, a blazing fire that ignites passion and breaks societal norms.

Ludacris’ collaboration on the track is like a seamless fusion of two musical worlds, their verses intertwining like a dance between two skilled performers. Together, they craft a beautiful story that captivates the listener’s imagination and leaves an indelible mark, much like a timeless work of art.