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Blacklist – “Yes Ofc Indeed” Video

Zambian Drill is slowly becoming a favorite among young hip hop music lovers looking for music that speaks to their experiences and struggles.


One of the rising stars of Zambian Drill is Blacklist, the first hot Zambian Drill artist. Blacklist’s music video for “Yes Ofc Indeed” is a prime example of the genre’s appeal, with its catchy beat, edgy visuals, and gritty lyrics.

Directed by @cassim105 and produced by @official_upgrade_zm, the video is a testament to the growing professionalism of the Zambian music industry. The production values are top-notch, with crisp visuals, smooth editing, and effective use of color grading to enhance the mood of the video.

The audio for the video was produced by @Shinkobeats.

Watch and enjoy the video below.