BACK TO THE BASICS: Staying Relevant In The Music Industry


We live in an age today where music is created rapidly. On the internet everyday there is new music coming out, or new viral video sensations. How can you keep your fellow artists and fans alike centered on you? The secret is by creating catchy hooks.

Many people’s lives have changed as a result of creating that banging hook. If you can create a catchy hook for all of your songs, then it will truly be HARDER for you to fall out of the limelight. Look at Jay Rox, Roberto, P-Jay [M.H.S.R.I.P], Judy, etc. Undoubtedly these artists have mass lyrical ability as well but their most valuable skill is creating a hook that leaves the listener glued to a particular song.

The hook is the most important part of the music because it is the most memorable.Your bait ‘People,’ catch on to ‘hooks. Think about Roberto’s continental hit “Amarulah”. As soon as you read that statement you begin to think of the hook. Why? Because it was the catchiest part of the song, and Roberto knew what he was doing.If you are able to constantly create that catchy banging hook, you will always have placements, radio hits, tours, and it will be hard to miss you! You will not have a problem bringing back an audience over and over again because they love your music. 9 times out of 10 if you like the hook, you like the song. So essentially creating that catchy hook you automatically win the battle.

There is only a handful of artists that enjoy radio airplay with the absence of a catchy hook in their music. This is because radio also understands that most music created is primarily about the hook. There is tremendous power in a catchy hook. Not only will knowing and mastering this art take your music career to greater heights it will also go a long way in preserving your relevance as an artist. You can create a party record, or dance record that will always stay with people, or you can leave people with a message in your hooks, or something insightful and it can still be catchy. “Toliwe “ by Willz and Wezi was a nationwide hit single, but it had a message behind it, and a deeper meaning because he painted a picture of a widely common scenario with which people could relate. If you can take it any direction you would like, by all means do, but the most important thing is to make sure it is catchy.

“Contolola” by Zone Fam was a celebrated single throughout the African continent enjoying airplay on stations such as BET, Trace tv and Channel O, the hook was as catchy as they get. Zambian Music Blog caught up with “Cashroll” of “So Good Ent” the brains behind the production of the above mentioned banger of a song.

Q. Personally, do you think the artists enjoying airplay on radio stations across the country would be where they are without a “catchy hook”?

A. I personally don’t think so… I think because of the listening trend of Zambian music fans… there is little attention they pay to the verses, most don’t even understand clever lines and the like, instead they go for the easy catchy chorus that leads to maybe learning the verses…

And radio Dj’s have also contributed for they also start playing more of these songs that are mostly requested by people..

Q. In your opinion what is the perfect example of a Zambian song with a catchy hook?

A . A perfect example of a Zambian song with a catchy hook is “Joanna“by “JayRox”. It’s a very good sing along.

Q. would you site an example of a hit song that wouldn’t have attained the response it got if the hook was any different.

A. I think “Dorika” by “Chimzy Kelly”

Q. from a producers prospective what advice would you give to artists on the composition of hooks.

A. From a producers aspect I would advise artists to write hooks that are good “sing alongs” and simple to understand… hooks that even kids in the “komboni” can sing..

His final words; The hooks should also have a feel that can stand the test of time…. some hooks are catchy but not long lasting… so the fight is to make a hook that is Catchy but at the same time something that can stand time.

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