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Artist Spotlight, Multi-talented Singer – 100 Visionz

Can anything but a good musician come of Central province? As rhetorical as the question may sound, it sure reminds us, Christians of the words recorded in the bible as Nathanael asked Jesus if something good could come out of Nazareth. With so much talent exposure in today’s world, we witness the birth of 100 Visionz and sure have some Visions to share through nothing but the Gospel scene.


Born Kelvin Musonda from Esther Mumba and Sebastian Musonda, 100 Visionz was born in 1995 in the central province of Zambia. He is a professional teacher currently practicing in Mansa district of Luapula province. He is a well-established gospel artist who is well fondly known for the tag-line ‘’The Son of the Lion.’’

As all kids have limitless imaginations and dreams to make come true, 100 visionz’ interest for music started way back since his childhood. This interest grew even stronger when he joined the church choir in his church in the united church of Zambia in Mkushi. He grew up listening to the music of Nathan Nyirenda, Angela Nyirenda, and many more from which he drew inspirations from. Mostly he pointed out the hymn of Rock of Ages being his favorite of all time and Jesus I Have Promised. Through these great musicians, has helped him to kick start and propel his career as a gospel minister through songs.

To pursue his career, he first stepped in the studio in 2015 when he did an introduction to the song dubbed Give Me A Call done by Arnold Sakala recorded at Do It Now Music in Serenje. He further recorded his songs at the same studio whilst studying at Malcolm College of Education up until 2017. After finishing his training, this was an open chance for him to push and do some more tracks, however due to some challenges he took a break from music. But this break did not take forever

In 2019 he took a different path, switching from secular music and ventured into gospel music after his deep reflection and life experiences. So he started writing gospel songs full time and was ready to do some work in the studio. In 2020 he was back in the studio again and recorded his first official single at High Wave Studios in Mansa town. The song was entitled Nkalalolela. The song talks about the faith and hope a child of God has despite the challenges of life obviously talking about his experiences. This song is part of his upcoming compilation called My Divine Calling.

100 visions is now a proprietor of the gospel music label called The Cross Music which is currently running as music Management Company. He is currently the only artist signed to his own record label. He is also signed to Zedscoop music Promotion Company which is branding and selling him to the world. Other deals are currently underway just to see him grow his brand and record label.

100 Visionz is currently working on the body of work that will soon be released as his first studio album called My Divine Calling. This compilation will see the artist work with several underground and established artists in various ways from production to marketing. This album will make him a household name and to the greatest extent one of the greatest music ministers of his time.

In a nutshell, as all this is unfolding, gospel fanatics should look forward to more of his music. He urges his fans to support him in any way possible. Materially and financially. Most of all Divine intervention of GOD almighty so that his message can be preached to the ends of the earth. He promises nothing but hard work and perseverance to keep the message of the cross on the zenith.

God bless you all.

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