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Zambian Music in the olden days was used as a tool for transmitting culture from the older generation to the younger generation or rather from one generation to another. This was through some music of well known artists like Pk Chishala,Paul Ngozi, Amayenge, Blue Jeans ,Joyce Nyirongo Dickson Mponda etc. This act is still happening in our Zambian Society today,some artists have been teaching about culture to all generations through their music and they maintain that, culture brings about identity and a sense of belonging.


Some artists like Angela Nyirenda and Moses Sakala have been using their music to talk about the Zambian culture and issues affecting men and women in the society.

Angela Nyirenda and Moses Sakala are some of the best songbirds who have been using their music to promote and influence the Zambian culture.

Angela is best known for her sensational Nsenga songs from the Eastern province of Zambia which talks about the African culture and traditions . Some of her songs to mention a few include Chalo Chuwama Nawako ,Nupempako ma key , tijobe Jobe , Kuzwayo, Salary ,Ngoma, malo abwino etc .

Her music has brought about some influence in a way that it talks about the everyday issues affecting men and women not only in their homes but also outside their homes hence teaching the younger generation what they expect as they grow.

Moses Sakala from the Sakala brothers is also one of the artists who has been using music to talk about the Zambian culture. His music brings about national pride, his vocals and dance moves on the other hand gives this iconic legend a sense of belonging and identity.

Moses is best known for his poetic story telling in music , he talks about poverty and other challenges people face in life. Angela Nyirenda and Moses Sakala are set release their albums . Boma iyanganepo and Amigo respectively. The official release will be a double launch it will be something Zambian has never witnessed before.

Pic Credit: Moses Sakala/Facebook.