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Afunika responds to Mr Sean Tembo’s post on KMP’s The Experience 2022

Mr Sean Tembo commented on Macky 2’s last experience post saying, “This is the only group which gives good music in Zambia. Baja benango nima forcing matters, We shall be there to support


Afunika then made a post on his Facebook page saying, “No Disrespect But Please Allow Me To Speak For Others. Sir I Have A Very Good Relationship With You But When I See Something Wrong I Will Stand Up And Speak For Others.

He went on to say, “Sir I would Like To Remind You Of A Certain Politician Who Disrespected Musicians By Calling Them MOSITIONS.Am sure The Story Is Well Known Sir But Maybe You Didn’t Understand How Artists And Musicians Where Upset Over That Statement (Mosion).”

He added saying, “One Of The Problems Which We Face As Youths In Zambia Is Employment. I Will Give Myself As An Example, Sir Am Coming From A Family Were Life Was Very Very Hard, For Me Music Was My Next Option In Life. It Wasn’t Easy To Gain My Popularity And I Truly Thank God For Who I Am Today Because I Managed To Employ Myself In Faith And By Believing In Myself. The Struggle Of Making A Name Or Becoming Popular Is Not By Looking Down On Others Or By Choosing A certain Group Of People. Remember You Are Also In The Same Shoes Of An Artist Who’s Music Is Not GOOD Now Because You Are Also Fighting for A Bigger POPULATION TO GET YOU INTO The OFFICE.”

He further stipulates that, “Have You Forgotten That Youths Have The Power To Make A Change? When You Are A Leader Be An Example By Always Doing Right Things. Gaining Popularity Is Not By Hurting Others, Am Speaking For Others Because You Don’t Know What It Takes To Be A Good Musician. There’s An Up Coming Somewhere Somehow Looking Up To You As A Leader To Install Positive Vibes In Him/Her. Sir .. NACHILAPITAFYE MUKWAII, MUKANJBUKISHE MUBUFUMU BWENU. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA”