5 Cutting-Edge Songs I Obviously Won’t Forget In A Hurry!!!


Hi there… Am deeply sorry if my taste for music is off the hook or maybe not of your liking but to be honest I was being brought up listening to Raggae, Rhumba, Kalindula, Jazz, Country and Old Skool pop and Rn’B  – Obviously that defines my weird taste for recent age Zambian music of which i only started getting deep into some good 4 years ago.

Elo.. am kneeling for you not to hate on my list.


Official Jay Rox - Outside The Rox artwork by CreataBefore Mr. Roxa turned 2015 artist of the year – I had been following him softly from Shaka Zulu Em to It Iz Turue and even supported his debut album ‘Mvesesani’ by sharing the itunes link on my personal social accounts. Don’t kill me for not choosing Joana but before I could listen to Joana I already wondered how much Jay Rox had prepared for the release of ‘Outside The Rox’ album cause a first listen to ‘Auto Pilot’ triggered some serious rebranding going on in Roxa’s music career – Auto Pilot came with a huge flesh and swept out all the fierce-y six pack industry door bouncers…


  1. GO DOWN:

Doc GeeI wasn’t taken by the popularity of the song but the Golden eggs Doc Gee had to lay out despite him being a new artist and I think he fits well in a couple of genres (New Age Hip Hop-Kalindula, New School Highlife, Modern Age Hip Hop) after listening to a good number of his songs. I wonder why this song wasn’t nominated for ZNBC Radio 4 song of the year in the 2015/14 Born AND Bred Awards… Don’t bite me but I think this guy needs more recognition…my opinion! Tonny did Doc some justice by putting out one of the best hooks and a brilliant production that automatically lifts a*ses every time its jammed.


Fly5-Feel The LoveDespite it being an endorsement banger but I strongly feel it deserves a slot on my list. Feel The Love is a fusion of a Deep Bemba Hip Hopper, A Majestic female rapper, An Afro-Jazz musician and An amazing Soul artist… oh snap! I don’t want to turn this paragraph into an essay so I won’t say much about the artist squad but the song. Mag44 gave birth to a very chilled afro drums fused beat and pumped it with different inspirations – the artists, and successfully showed me how the love feeling is supposed to be spread electronically. Damn!… Feel the love is some dope stuff… and yes! Shout out to kanji! For not been on the track…



PilAto forsaken prophesy tracklistMusic is one of the best mediums you can use to express your opinions about almost anything but in style and Bashi Tasila came in a Hip Hop style but fused with new age Kalindula. Don’t question why I had not picked Alungu Anabwera but I believe now you know that this is my article. This song will always remind me of the fearless PilAto – After being arrested for Alungu Anabwera i thought this thing of bruising politicians is over and before i could even interview MR. PRESIDENT over the song another one leaked online. I cared less about where and who leaked the song but it was some serious indirect de-campaigning for the ruling party and I just loved the freedom of speech the musician expressed – it’s his opinion anyway….! Pilato nailed this one.


Muzo_AKA_Alphonso_editThis is the part where it gets interesting for me as a writer… Firstly this song is very poetic – The bembas won’t argue, I know… If these lyrics came out because of an influence of weed, can you please put me on weed – everyday, every hour, I am ready to be on it even the whole year if the outcome is becoming this poetic. I think Muzo aka Alphonso and Cream Dollar should start pushing for the video. Balipo Abandi is an amazing cool mid tempo hip hop soundtrack that I can’t easily forget and the song is majorly about friendship. Not the good kind of friendship but the backstabbers and the none believers and it’s got some free lecturing…

So now it’s your turn to tell me the 5 cutting-edge songs you won’t forget in a hurry!

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