July 5, 2013

News: Jesse Zambia Had Something to say About Z.A.M

Jesse phiri proudly known as Jesse Zambia had something to say about Zambian Association of Musicians (ZAM)

“The only or maybe one of the few ways for upcoming artistes to blossom out there is to have the full backing of the Zambia Association of Musicians. Music fans really take time to acclamitize to new artistes coz they don’t have ‘the stage’ to show case their talent. ZAM is that ultimate stage. ZAM is a very BIG and loud voice that can’t be ignored. My appeal to ZAM is to prioritize the promotion of upcoming artistes by organizing ‘lecture’ workshops in general-conduct in the industry, strike a deal to teach them how to play live instruments,and basically general tips by legendary figures in the music game. All this, for paid up members of course. But if it is not happening for paid up members, how do you think those who haven’t paid will take the association? Food for thought please. Otherwise this industry will keep revolving between two groups and we all know them. Its kind of getting boring. We need more competition!!!”

Drop a comment below and Tell us what you think about ZAM and there poor Organization.

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